Linda Cooper

Dear David,
It is every parents nightmare to receive a phone call like the one I got to tell me that my son was arrested and going to prison in Santiago Chile.

I spoke to the home office who advised me to get Marlowe a lawyer. After speaking to multiple law firms you are the one stuck.

Something in my heart made me choose them, it was the best decision I could of made. You have gone above and beyond their duty to Marlowe, going the extra mile to make sure Marlowe is cared for, you have even provided him with food, clothes, money and sanity products when we couldn’t get them to him and, all out of his own pocket.

Finally I would like to say again, thank you David for supporting my family and I.

Words will never be enough to say what you have done for us and from the bottom of my heart thank you.

My son is home safe and sound due to your hard work and dedication thank you.

The Kindest regards
Linda Cooper and Family